About Us

is it time to make the change?

In 2014 the Natural Foods Segment was an estimated $54 billion in US revenue.

The natural foods category has been growing double digits each of the last 5 years and out pacing what we call conventional food growth percentage by 3 to 1.

This is largely driven by a grass roots movement of consumers seeking more

options in the foods they eat. These are mom’s with young family’s demanding truth in labeling.

Native Harvest has an experienced team that can help. We understand what it takes to convert to a Non-GMO and organic program for a manufacture, food service and retail brands. Consider us a resource to guide you in this change.

who we are

Native Harvest manages supply chains for national brands in Food Service and Retail. We serve as a co-packer for private label and branded products.

We specialize in sourcing bulk ingredients from rail car, to tanker truck and container volumes. We provide domestic sourcing and import services, with quality assurance, logistics and break-bulk toll services throughout the supply.

Native Harvest is committed to the investment in people and the environment. We invest in the training of our staff and we employ an in house QC and R&D team as a service to our clients.

We invest long term with our supply partners in regions abroad. We utilize third party audits, social audits and boots on the ground to ensure mills and suppliers are following good manufacturing practices.