Organic & Non-GMO focused

Organic & Non-GMO
Organic & Non-GMO focused

Native Harvest believes that healthy eating is more than just a trend, it is a way of life. Our mission is to source the highest quality organic
and non-GMO ingredients to enhance the supply chain of our customers, exceeding their expectations in quality and service. We are
a diverse group of former traders, recovering foodies and would be entrepreneurs who came together with some like minded thinking. Food quality, integrity and people are the ingredients in a business we can all value.

Is it time to make the change?

Native Harvest is entrenched in the organic ingredients segment. We offer break bulk services and logistics for manufacturing and co-packing for retail following NOP standards. With warehousing on the West Coast and the Mid-West we can effectively service the lower 48 states of the US.

We can help. Our experienced staff has seen the transition process and understands the needs your company will have in making the shift from conventional to NGP Verified.

Native Harvest is committed to the investment of training of it’s staff. We employ an in house R&D as well as a lab for testing each product we source. Quality and safety and handling of food ingredients is our first priority as part of the supply chain.


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